Maintenance Management

On-Demand Work Orders/Daily Maintenance

Easy to use Maintenance Request Forms allows all staff to enter maintenance issues. Categories and locations help route workflow to managers and trades people automatically, alerting them if there are critical or overdue issues to resolve. Day, Week and Month View calendars as well as search features allow maintenance staff to view and find their current and future tasks.

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Preventative Maintenance

Managing schedules for equipment and other assets is easily achieved through the Preventative Maintenance application. Tech Assignments, Job Plans, Recurrence Patterns, Overdue alerts, Parts and Labor Information, Asset History and calendar views all help provide all the necessary information to assist tracking and maintaining your equipment as required and necessary

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Maintenance Mobile Connect

Users can create, view and manage work order requests directly form their mobile devices, phones, tablets, laptops etc. Technicians can put work orders in ‘Work-in-Progress’ mode to start a ‘stopwatch’ to automatically keep track of time a task is being worked on, and upon stopping the labor hours are automatically recorded. Work orders can also be signed when required, parts and labor added manually, status changed and closed with comments. In addition, asset QR and barcodes can be scanned to display the related workorders.

Web Floor Plan Integration

Work Order Requesters, Technicians and Managers can interactively work with the web-based floor plans when used in conjunction with the Cadapult FM Live View© tool.  Task Locations can be identified and selected directly from the floor plans upon creation. Managers and Technicians can find a location they are unfamiliar with by just selecting View Floor Plan on the work order task page and zoom in and out to give them proper orientation. 

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Asset Management

Assets can be categorized, catalogued and inventoried to locations as well as associated with Workorders. Inventory can be easily searched and both summary and detail reports created.  Images are easily associated with assets.Assets can also display Work Order History as well as Future projected work order task dates. Tied in to the Cadapult FM Mobile Connect©, asset information can be displayed by selecting on a QR or barcode from your mobile device.

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Integrated Reporting

Numerous Data Driven Reports, both Graphic as well text with pie charts and bar graphs are readily available and built into the system.  Many reports provide analytics with comparisons of information to help you better understand response times, number of workorders by type and other utilization to better understand and plan for the future. In addition, Labor Reports, and the built in Dynamic Reporter provides all the necessary tables and data fields that have been configured with your specific system to allow you to create your own custom reports if necessary.