Asset & Inventory Management

CADapult FM provides multiple applications related to asset and inventory management. The core application is a web-based asset inventory system that tracks assets by location and provides flexible reporting capabilities. This data can then be synchronized with your AutoCAD drawings, as well as viewed and edited through the CADapult FM Web Floor Plan & Report Viewer with Data Editor. Integration with the CADapult FM Web Move Manager allows generation of move requests for assets, alone or as part of a personnel move. Asset tracking can come full circle through integration with barcode systems for reconciliation of asset movement over periods of time.

Asset Inventory Management Web Application (Core)

The Asset Inventory Management web application will allow you to track assets to a specified location. Locations can include spaces within all buildings for your facility, as well as warehouse locations. The application will allow input of data on your assets and can include user-defined fields, as specified by your needs. Typical fields can include asset id, description, manufacturing, condition, location, quantity, owner, along with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements, etc.

  • • Included in the base application are the means to add, edit, and delete assets, as well as update asset locations through the web interface.
  • • Templates of typical data can be setup to allow quick and accurate data entry.
  • • Asset Parts tracking, for example, a workstation type can be tracked as a single asset and the components that make up that asset can be identied.
  • • Asset data is tracked in a database (such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or Oracle) and can be accessed easily to interface with other applications for the purpose of updating information to or from the CADapult FM application and running external custom reports.
  • • Web-based Asset Search and Reporting include standard reports like Asset Types with Parts Detail and Asset Locations. A Dynamic Web Report Wizard allows you to create your own reports based on the criteria you enter.

Asset Inventory Management AutoCAD Integration

This application works directly in AutoCAD and has seamless integration with the Asset Inventory Manager Application. Symbols (AutoCAD blocks) representing furniture and equipment can be displayed on the AutoCAD drawings. Upon selecting asset icons, the information about that asset will be displayed.

Graphic queries can be run to highlight spaces or assets based on the criteria entered; for example, highlighting all assets in poor condition or all rooms where asset moves are scheduled for a specic time frame.

This application also provides the ability to perform quick asset counts and cost estimates, counting all or some symbol blocks on drawings. Saving the counts allows you to run comparison reports between existing and what-if schemes, providing information on inventory and order management.