Lease and Real Estate Management

The CADapult FM Web-based Lease and Real Estate Management system enables access— anytime, anywhere — of critical data for tenants and real estate service providers. Management of real estate portfolios through quick access to standard and dynamic reports, as well as through location
maps, facilitates more informed business decisions, risk mitigation and enhanced communication and performance.Combined with the CADapult FM AutoCAD Integrator and the CADapult FM Web Floor Plan & Report Viewer, this application allows for accurate square footage reporting on
cost center charge backs and viewing of building plans over the web.

Comprehensive Functionality
• Intuitive Web Data Entry forms.
• Real-time access to contact data, lease abstracts, expenses, term
dates, and cost center allocation.
• Critical date tickler reminders that display Expirations, Renewal
Options, Insurance Expirations, and more.
• Interactive Location Maps allowing drilldown access to data.
• Building photos, scanned leases, and other documents viewed
directly from your web browser.
• Automatic Cost Center chargeback and cost center calculations
based on BOMA standards.
• Standard and dynamic real-time report generation.
• Customization to meet your corporate needs from branding to
custom data and form and report criteria to meet your specific needs.
• Migrate and Integrate existing data, systems, and email protocols.