CADapultFM Space Management is typically the backbone to a visual solution. Smart floor plans in Cadapult FM assist staff at varying levels to easily identify space and its utilization.  Manage space, personnel, and assets more efficiently through seamless database integration. Generate numerous graphic queries and reports.

  • Space Planners can easily identify personnel locations in real-time, understanding where Vacancies are and how Business Units are assigned. With this knowledge, planning and executing moves, whether for a few people or a group is easily managed with our Move Management tools.  Upcoming Scheduled Moves, can be displayed to graphically represent the ‘future’ floor plan
  • The web- based Floor Plan application allows automatically generated, accurate up-to-date pdf floor plans to be easily viewed at any time.  Graphical and non-graphical facilities data is available in assorted views, which present varying levels of detail through a cascading folder index. The Live View tool allows users to see run their own criteria based graphic queries on the floor plans, finding occupants, rooms as well as highlighting plans for many other uses.
  • Space and Personnel data, tracked with limitless user defined fields, are accessible and editable through easy-to-use web forms.  Displaying single or multiple fields of information on floor plans is a single command away. Automated importing of data from existing Human Resource programs can occur daily, providing a streamlined process for daily personnel management requirements.
  • Space Reservations are easily managed, scheduling conference rooms with the guarantee that there will be no conflicts, as well the understanding of where hoteling spaces and other flexible workspaces are located. These spaces can easily be selected from a floor plan for scheduling. Utilization reports allow for an accurate understanding how frequently as space is or is not used.
  • Integrated with the Cadapult FM Maintenance Manager, on-demand maintenance requesters can see and verify the location of the issue form the floor plan.  Managers and technicians can easily find the spaces being reported on, this being especially useful for new tradespersons not knowing the building yet.  Graphic reports can be used to visually see where clusters of issues are occurring based on request types being reported.  
  • Integration with the CADapult FM Web Asset & Inventory Manager allows for viewing furniture and equipment locations on floor plans with access to manufacturer, warranty, repair and other information.
  • The Cadapult FM AutoCAD and Revit Integrators allow for a bi-directional flow of information between linked AutoCAD drawings or Revit Models and information stored in a SQL database, which easily allows for numerous graphic queries and reports to be generated. Information relevant to your specific facility is easily tracked and retrieved, providing a comprehensive solution.