Mobile Technology

View Floor Plans

Viewing Floor Plans on your tablet makes for easy work when doing walk throughs to validate and update information. Easily switch to any necessary floor plan, run graphic queires, select on spaces too update space, personnel and asset information

Cadapult FM Mobile Connect©

Maintenance work order managed directly through your phone!

Users can create, view and manage work order requests directly form their mobile devices, phones, tablets, laptops etc. Technicians can put work orders in ‘Work-in-Progress’ mode to start a ‘stopwatch’ to automatically keep track of time a task is being worked on, and upon stopping the labor hours are automatically recorded. Work orders can also be signed when required, parts and labor added manually, status changed and closed with comments. In addition, asset QR and barcodes can be scanned to display the related workorders.

Maintenance Management Task Validation 

It’s easy for Managers to check up on tasks completed by technicians. Easily locate work orders, view completed tasks and technician comments. Once satisfied the task has been completed properly simply close out the work order right then an there.

Asset Management and Inventory

Using Cadapult FM Mobile Connect©, allows you to walk through a space and do both initial or reconciliation asset inventories with just your mobile phone.   Both barcode and QR code technologies are integrated into this solution .