Scalable Solutions

Challenges and Opportunities

In today’s ever-changing world, maintaining efficient and cost effective building operations is a widely recognized necessity. However, the challenges that you face as a facilities manager can be numerous. Space, personnel, and asset management; on-demand maintenance requests; and access to accurate, up-to-date floor plans are just a few examples. Decreased staff and budgeting resources only magnify these difficulties. Let Cadapult FM provide you with a turnkey solution to improve your company’s workflow and reduce building operation costs.

Make it Integrated

Our innovative solutions automate workflow to enhance communication and streamline activities to optimize resources. We deliver customer satisfaction through increased accessibility, productivity, and profitability through Web, Database, AutoCAD, and Revit tools. Cadapult FM addresses functions like space, personnel, assets, leases, work orders, and preventative maintenance, while linking with other systems, such as your HR program. This integration eliminates entry of redundant and inaccurate information, providing the highest level of accuracy and data integrity.

Keep it Simple

Cadapult FM has been providing facilities management solutions to small, medium and large corporations, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and other institutions since 1985. Our easy-to-use, low-cost solutions can be installed on your servers or hosted from ours. Modules may be purchased individually or as an entire suite, which may be implemented in less than a month. This combination of software and implementation methodology maximizes your return on investment

FM Access Anytime, Anywhere

The Cadapult FM Cloud provides real-time access to your current facilities information from various devices through a secure connection to the internet. Our cloud solution can also expedite the implementation process, eliminating the timeconsuming process involved in using internal IT resources for initial execution or ongoing update support. Software updates are automatically applied to your cloud solution through our highly qualified technical staff, keeping you up-to-date with the latest innovations developed to meet today’s ever changing technological landscape